Who is eHire?

We Are Passionate People Doing Inspired Work

We Focus on Challenging the Status Quo.  

What makes eHire Different?    


Passion for our work:   

What we do changes people's lives for the better, and we love it


Engagement with the community:   

We believe that nurturing the tech community & enabling innovation is a moral Imperative


Relationship Driven:  

We know that helping & having fun with our clients, candidates, and team is the definition of success


Agile Methodology 

Our unique process ensures the most qualified candidates and an effecient & effective search 


The talent market is tough, and to make the right connection ...  

you must have the right partner!  

Our Values

  • Character

    We take the high road and are committed to doing the right thing for our candidates and clients above all else.   We will not sacrifice our values in the name of profit, and we will always make sure that the placements we make are for the greater good of the candidate and client.  

  • Craftsmanship

    We are masters of the message.  We know what matters to candidates and clients, and craft the right messaging to get their attention.  We amplify the message to our network and appropriate audiences to evangelize your brand and attract the talent you need.  


  • Competency

    We have decades of industry experience and we know the business. We constantly study the priorities of our clients and candidates and know what works.  We are stewards of our clients' and candidates' time, utilizing an Agile methodology and asking the hard questions to make sure only the most vetted candidates reach you.  

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is a key component of our success.  We work as a team to find the most innovative projects in the city and the top talent for your team.  

  • Customization

    We help our customers find and formulate creative and customized solutions for the toughest technical challenges. Every project is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and leverage previous lessons.  There is always a solution to even the toughest challenge, and we can help you figure it out.

  • Culture

    Our company culture is key to our success.  We are smart and thought leaders in the industry.  We love music and food, and we love to laugh.  We demand excellence and transparency from the eHire team.  We believe that work should be fun, challenging and fulfilling.  Our team exemplifies our core values.

  • Community

    Community is the cornerstone of our business.  We nurture the techology community - we don't prey on it.  We are deeply involved in the communities we serve at professional and philanthropic levels. eHire is committed to being a positive contributor to our business, our clientele, and the communities in which we work and live.  

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Our Relationship-Based Recruiting Methodology




We get to know you, your company, and the role you are trying to fill. We seek to understand the kind of person you want on your team by exploring your culture and identifying the right profile and technical fit.




Once we understand your role, we create effective messaging. We leverage your technology employment brand and craft messaging that will reach and attract the right talent. We share your story with the team and build a strategy.



Kickoff / Search

After we understand the role and craft the right message, we mobilize to find the right resource. Leveraging all available and appropriate resources, we uncover hidden talent that fits your role. Using an Agile methodology, we uncover obstacles as soon as possible, ensuring the candidates that make it to you are qualified and serious.




We coordinate interviews with the candidates and debrief them after the interview. We share their likes and concerns, and how the role ranks against other opportunities they are pursuing. We identify their time-frame, uncover red flags, and counsel you on next steps.



Offer / Acceptance

Once you identify the right candidate, we help secure them for the team. We know everything happening in the candidates' search and find out exactly what an offer needs to look like to be accepted. We are transparent on both sides and avoid surprises. We have one of the highest offers to close ratios in the business.

Our Team

Kyle Tothill

Kyle Tothill

Partner & Managing Director

Tim Wellmaker

Tim Wellmaker

Director of Delivery



Professional Involvement

We engage in professional associations across the city, and actively foster the renaissance of innovation happening in the community


Charitable Involvement

To us - Giving back to the community is a moral imperative. We are compelled to share our good fortune and help better the lives of those around us