eHire Tech Ticker: Artificial Intelligence, Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring, Negotiation Process and the Quantum Internet

By: Nikki Nixon

In this edition of the eHire Tech Ticker we share the latest technology news on artificial intelligence, warning signs to avoid a bad hire, tips to negotiate better and an update on the future of an unhackable quantum internet.


How AI May Make a Dent in the Technology Productivity Crisis via Forbes

- The proliferation of technology doesn’t automatically translate to productivity growth.
- Using IT to automate existing processes isn’t enough.
- AI advances the traditional software model allowing applications to learn and improve over time.


11 Red Flags to Watch for When Hiring via CIO

- Even if the candidate aces the interview and has good references, they don’t always work out.
- Pay attention to the warning signs to avoid bad hires.
- The key to a successful IT hre is taking the time to understand what your company really needs.


This Is What You Are Getting Wrong About the Negotiation Process via Fast Company

- How you approach a negotiation depends on the type of relationship you want to have with the person on the other side.
- To reach a winning outcome, give enough information so you can solve the problem together.


Artificial Intelligence Faces Age-Old IT Challenge: Data Standardization via The Wall Street Journal

- AI has the potential to transform IT infrastructure.
- Data being used comes from a number of applications and needs to be formatted the same way regardless of source.
- Data standardization could be a precursor for many AI initiatives.


Inside Europe’s Quest To Build An Unhackable Quantum Internet via MIT Tech Review


- Project in the Netherlands aims to stop hackers from spying.
- Researchers building a system that harnesses quantum mechanics to create a flawlessly secure communications network.
- If successful, this could be the precursor to a quantum internet.