eHire Tech Ticker: JPMorgan Coding Requirement, IoT and Driverless Cars, Java 11 and Digital Transformation

By: Nikki Nixon

We know you are a busy IT executive, but want to keep up with the latest industry news. This is challenging when you’re embedded in your day-to-day responsibilities. We get it and want to help you stay informed. Meet your weekly “eHire Tech Ticker,” a weekly recap of the best articles in tech rounded up in a single article.


Here are this week’s top pieces:


JPMorgan Chase Makes Coding Literacy a Requirement via Wall Street Journal


-All analysts in the asset management division will be required to complete Python training

-Currently, one-third of the bank’s analysts have completed some form of coding education

-Requirements will expand next year to data science and machine learning


Java 11 is Here, Are You Ready to Make the Switch? via JavaCodeGeeks


-Long-term support has been added for up to three years after installation

-JDK is lighter due to the decoupling many of the modules from the platform

-There is a new var syntax for declaring local variables in your code


Digital first: How companies transform customer relationships via


-5G driven technologies will usher in new opportunities to improve the customer experience

-Revitalizing business logic enables the IT department to better support client applications

-When complex technology projects involve several partners, you will want to involve them in the planning to ensure they are prepared to deliver along with you

Machine learning: How to go from theory to reality via InfoWorld


-36% of technologists surveyed the biggest barrier to machine learning is not knowing where the “On” button is

-49% of those who implemented machine learning believed they gained competitive advantage

-50% of companies have either deployed or are planning to deploy machine learning


Don’t fall off the edge – why IoT still needs the cloud via Diginomica


-Edge computing can help IoT optimize sensors in driverless cars

-Some functions of IoT, like mapping in driverless cars, still need the cloud to operate efficiently

-The concept of edge computing isn’t new, but it finally has a name


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