eHire Tech Ticker: Machine Learning in the Cloud, Enterprise CIO Imperatives, Java Data Validation, Renewable Energy Powering Google Data Centers

By: Nikki Nixon

In this week’s edition of the Tech Ticker, we feature top of mind initiatives for CIOs, easier ways to use the cloud for machine learning projects, data validation for Java, research on how automation is impacting the workforce and wrap up with Google’s challenges in making their data centers run on 100% clean energy.


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5 Imperatives for CIO and Enterprise Success via InformationWeek

-Nearly 75% of companies struggle with dynamism, the ability to deal with change and adopt technology in new ways to drive success

-CIOs must evolve their practices to comply with new privacy mandates such as GDPR

-Digital twinning allows you to model all aspects of your business to learn areas of operational efficiency

7 cloud services to ease machine learning via InfoWorld

-Amazon Sagemaker helps simply its array of machine learning tools to enable you to analyze smarter and faster

-Azure Machine Learning allows less technical developers to use its drag and drop interface to glean learnings

-IBM’s Watson has come a long way since his Jeopardy days. The powerhouse tool is now in the cloud and uses elastic resources to analyze even more data, better

Validation in Java applications via Java Code Geeks

-Data validation is often an afterthought on a project and results in increasing amounts of technical debt

-Developers of the CUBA platform layout several best practices for validation code

-Bean validation can serve about 95% of data validation jobs in the enterprise


Automation and the Changing Demand for Workforce Skills via Wall Street Journal

-Time spent on data input is declining and is expected to be around 15% of total hours worked in 2030

-Demand for critical thinking skills is increasing while demand for advanced literacy and writing is declining

-Contract workers can help organizations meet the talent skills gap

Google: Powering data centers with clean energy 24/7 'no easy feat' via UtilityDive

-Google has reached 100% of its renewable energy purchasing goal, but now must figure out how to power operations 24/7 on a regional level

-Google is the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world

-Powering its data centers around-the-clock will require policy and market changes to increase accessibility of clean energy