Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Atlanta, Georgia

Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst, you will gather, interpret and present data from disparate data sources for upper management.


  • Create and run complex queries against a NoSQL database
  • Extract data from 3rd party data dashboards
  • Perform troubleshooting and identify business opportunities from data
  • Catalog and monitor 3rd party data providers for updates and work with development team to help automate the consumption of these data points Provide recommendations to automate/improve data management
  • Summarize, present and interpret findings

Must Have Skills

  • 2+ years experience extracting data and insights from a NoSQL database
  • Skilled in querying a search and analytics engine, adept at retrieving and analyzing data, demonstrating a strong grasp of search functionalities
  • Proficient in translating data classes from code to database collections, demonstrating the ability to effectively map and interpret the structure and attributes
  • Ability to understand and analyze the data to find patterns and valuable business insights
  • Data presentation tools

Why Join Us

  • 100% Remote 
  • Our team takes pride in hard-working nature and dedication to craft (both technically and business-wise), but never takes themselves too seriously.

Come join a fun company that is quickly growing and is disrupting the current landscape. You will be a partner in the business and be able to participate in as much of the business as you can show.