​Scale Up Your Start Up: Tips for Hiring Top Talent

2022-01-12 by Jeff Pierce

​Scale Up Your Start Up: Tips for Hiring Top Talent

​Scale Up Your Start Up: Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Nailing down top talent in the tech industry can be tough, but when you’re a start-up with less resources, it’s more like showing up to a gunfight with a slingshot. 

While tech-driven ventures offer better pay opportunities (more than double the current U.S. average), a start-up still may not be able to pay salaries comparable to a well-established company. Also, a fledgling new business may not have an in house recruiter or even an H.R. department. There are less resources, and many people may be doing more than one job. And then, there’s the future: tech start-ups have the highest start-up business failure rate

With the increased risk, it’s hard to promise someone you’ll provide a place where a new hire can stay awhile. That’s why start-ups not only need a solid recruitment strategy, they need a bit of an edge. They need to capitalize on all of their strengths and do it in a unique and memorable way. 

To pull ahead of the competition, there are three things you can do before you even begin hiring: 

1) Determine your non-negotiables, 

2) Brainstorm the incentives you can offer, and 

3) Craft an attention-getting and compelling job description. 

Read more about these three things, and learn the best places to look for talent, the most important qualities of a start-up employee, and more about how to assess potential talent HERE.  


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