How to Encourage Company Culture While Working Remotely

2022-04-04 by Jeff Pierce

How to Encourage Company Culture While Working Remotely

How to Encourage Company Culture While Working Remotely

These past few years have resulted in a myriad of changes, from how we connect with friends and family to how we conduct business. The inevitable shift from working in an office to entire teams working from home leaves one wondering, “How can I maintain my company’s unique culture when all my employees are working separately?” 

What is Company Culture?

The culture of a company is defined by the beliefs and values at the core of a company and is apparent across all aspects of day-to-day business; from recruiting to customer support.

It may feel like your company’s culture is dependent on the way things function within your physical building. However, company culture has little to do with where your employees work. It’s about how the entire team unites under these company values.

Leaders Set the Tone and Steer the Culture

Whether your company operates from within your office building, entirely remote or a hybrid, your team looks to your company leaders to establish the culture

The most important piece to your company’s culture is not where your team is located, it’s who is running your team and how they’re modeling these unique beliefs to their entire team. 

Being Apart Doesn’t Mean Being Disconnected

While it may seem daunting, your company can thrive in a remote model. Check out this great article for more tips on how to foster a positive company culture with your remote team.

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