Case Study: Accelerating Growth and Integration - Flashtract's Strategic Partnership with eHire




In the dynamic landscape of high-tech startups, strategic decisions can make or break a company’s trajectory. Flashtract, an Auburn-based tech firm, faced a pivotal moment after securing a series A round of funding. Their choice to relocate to Atlanta, a burgeoning tech hub, was accompanied by the need for seamless integration into the city’s vibrant tech community. In this crucial transition, Flashtract partnered with eHire, a talent solutions firm specializing in facilitating high-tech operations and establishing new headquarters.




Relocation and Integration: Flashtract's move from Auburn to Atlanta demanded not only a physical relocation but also a cultural and professional integration into Atlanta’s tech ecosystem.


Foundational Hires: Flashtract needed key foundational hires, including a head of product, lead front-end developer, head of sales, and head of marketing, to establish a strong core team for their expansion plans.


Internal Recruiting Practice: The establishment of an internal recruiting practice was essential to facilitate the setup of a sales organization and ensure seamless future hires.


Strategic Approach


Foundational Hires and Internal Recruiting Practice:

eHire took charge of Flashtract’s hiring needs by placing critical roles such as the head of product, lead front-end developer, head of sales, and head of marketing. Simultaneously, eHire assisted in setting up an internal recruiting practice within Flashtract, enabling them to autonomously manage their recruitment processes effectively.


Community Integration and Networking:

To ensure Flashtract's swift integration into Atlanta’s tech community, eHire leveraged its extensive network to connect Flashtract with key industry stakeholders, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.


Onsite Contract Recruiting Resource and Process Optimization:

eHire provided an onsite contract recruiting resource to streamline Flashtract’s hiring efforts. Additionally, eHire guided Flashtract in selecting and implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and standardized interview and scoring processes, enhancing their efficiency and ensuring consistency in their hiring practices.




Thanks to the strategic partnership with eHire, Flashtract achieved significant milestones:


Rapid Growth: Flashtract experienced a remarkable growth rate of 100% year over year, a testament to the successful integration and strategic hiring facilitated by eHire.


Secured Additional Funding: Flashtract's robust growth and strategic positioning facilitated the securing of an additional round of funding, validating their market viability and potential.


Established Strong Team: Flashtract's current team consists of over 40 dedicated professionals, reflecting the success of their strategic hires and internal recruiting practices.




The collaboration between Flashtract and eHire exemplifies the transformative power of strategic partnerships in the tech industry. By addressing the challenges of relocation, foundational hiring, and internal recruiting practices, Flashtract successfully navigated the complexities of transitioning to Atlanta. Through eHire's expertise, Flashtract not only integrated seamlessly into the city’s tech ecosystem but also achieved rapid growth and financial backing. This case study underscores the importance of strategic guidance and industry connections in propelling high-tech startups toward sustainable success in new markets.

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